Stroller Galore

My last post ended on the note of the “Blue Cross Blue Shield” shoot of 20 children/babies and the boy who dreams of going to the moon… How fun is that? Kristen is the photographer and Libby is the stylist.

Unfortunately, I’m currently in New Mexico so I was a part of pre-production and I’m so anxious to see how it all turns out!
I began about two weeks ago, as I mentioned in the previous post that I was on the search for “moon boots”! As you can only imagine finding moon boots also known, as ski boots in the middle of July wasn’t so simple, however I finally found them on the West Coast, placed the order and they were on the way to us!

The next mission for me was to find 20 yes TWENTY strollers for the women to stroll in the shoot on a golf course… Ha! Well, I never really realized how expensive one stroller was but 20 was beyond ridiculous… So I spent the next 5 hours on the search for used strollers. I began calling every child’s consignment stores in the Coolsprings/Franklin/ Nashville area and after contacting several store managers and explaining our motive, I finally found 8 used strollers. Even with the strollers being used & lent to us it was still expensive. So we made a deal with Kid to Kid in Coolsprings, and they “lent” us the strollers with a smaller price to pay. We ended up paying full price for each stroller at the start of the shoot but then once all strollers were returned to the store we would receive half the payment back. Pretty fantastic deal, right? Oh, Libby is so clever!

*Note to remember- Shoots are always on a budget!

…. The next major project we have is pretty exciting!! I’ll keep you posted, it starts the end of September. Think a week of Fashion & Music at  Belcourt Theater and 5 talented designers!


at a glance.

I haven’t written lately, it  has been a slow few weeks all the sudden after the delightful preview of the couture exhibit (which I still dream about). HA! After going to the V&A exhibit years ago and now it has finally arrived to Nashville, hard to believe that something so spectacular and inspirational would come Nashville, TN.

…..Slow is never good though, but of course things have picked up again and I feel like my ear is constantly to my iPhone or my face is to my Macbook, all amazing things though and I’m so thankful to be where I am now… Libby Callaway is such a glorious writer, stylist, & fashion guru.

I found myself going through Libbys collection of special vintage finds.. organizing, resizing, pricing, and such. So keep your eyes open and visit her vintage site.

I now know how to truly transcribe an interview, collect wracks of clothing, make returns quicker then ever, and understand what it is really like to be in media from a different perspective… It is funny how the media “entertainment” life style follows my footpaths, but in so many different ways. I LOVE it.

It’s been an intense summer so far  and it’s about to close, so here you go:

my last few weeks at a glance:

LC and I had a couple styling shoots who are musicians from out of town… LC & I were the stylist and photographer Kristin Barlowe out of Nashville, Kristin is beyond amazing and has such talent.

So of course I had a lot of collecting of garmnets and organizing to do the day before and then a ton of returns the next day.

then, ugh my favorite:

T+L transcribing which was thoroughly entertaining and valuable… LC interviewed Thakoon Panichgul, Native to Thailand and now an American fashion designer. (

Panichgul spoke about his family and growing up in the small town Omaha, Nebraska, his a favorite place to dine, visit, and stroll around Omaha. Then he speaks about his new collection and collaboration with certain designers, friendship with Alice Kim, his  inspiration towards life and collection, and the love for vintage treasures.  Look for the full in-depth column next issue in Travel + Leisure. (September 2010)

By the way: Alice Kim is phenomenal.

Validation is a fable about the magic of free parking.”

Lastly, we are currently working on a huge advertisement shoot for Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN which has to do with a child who dreams of going to the moon…

I began last week for the search “moon boots” and I did, I found them… hours later. They are so awesome…they aren’t just any kind of moon boots- but Tecnica Silver Iridescent Moon Boots.

Now I am off to New Mexico to relax my body, my soul, and to finally have some “me” time.

Frist to take a new look at Dior’s decade .

It was one of the most glamorous decades in fashion history. After years of rationing and wartime austerity, the dramatic dresses of Christian Dior signalled a return to luxury and elegance.

After months of anticipation, it’s finally here: The Golden Age of Couture opens at the Frist. This event is something that Libby Callaway and I had been working on for months and what an intense week leading up to it…. Phone calls and confirmations to be made, drinks to buy, and press releases to be attended.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010 was the morning of the press release and the night of the VIP opening…. Nashville Scene , HER magaizine, representatives from Vogue and London’s very own Victoria and Albert Museum spokes women Claire Wilcox. This show will feature more than 100 dresses, including some thought long lost, to explore the extraordinary world of the fashion houses who dressed the ladies of society.

Alongside Dior, the exhibition will feature work by his contemporaries including Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy and Pierre Balmain in Paris and Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies, the royal dressmakers of London.

From 1947 to 1957 was “Dior’s decade,” according to curator, Claire Wilcox, who announced details of the show yesterday. “He created a commercial model and a creative model that dominated the decade. This was the zenith of couture,” she said.

The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957 will run from June 18-September 12, 2010.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 24, when the exquisite Karen Elson and Libby Callaway will do our Couture Q&A workshop at the frist 6:30. It’s FREE!!! Please come support.

She’s a charming little lady, Karen Elson.

Last week sometime Libby interviewed Karen Elson(if you don’t know who she is) she is a fabulous  fashion model and the wife of Jack White..

The interview took place at Yellow Porch, it was roughly an hour interview.

The interview is for Travel + Leisure and Libby is writing a little post about Karen’s life in Nashville..

The interview was extremely casual with a sense of expression and inspiration… This interview was so interesting to me, especially because of the influence Karen has towards the fashion industry.. She is not only from London,  a well-known fashion model, a mother, married to Jack White, a Nashvilliean, but also she has impacted fashion in so many ways.. She has a strong love for vintage clothing, soft sheets, good food, and Tom Collins cocktails.. her passion besides for fashion, being a mother, and a caring wife, she loves antiques and shopping around 8th Ave and the strong diversity of East Nashville.

She also stressed that she loves Bongo Java and there strong black coffee and taking her two children to los palmos for mexican popsickles! How amazing is that? What a wonderful and charming lady she is…

Here is a little video you may enjoy:

Can anyone say couture- HER Magazine.

Well, first is first and it was absolutely a long day but well worth it.

We all met for pre-production at Libbys gorgeous little pad in East Nashville, it was divine. So unique full of gorgeous vintage furniture with the beautiful scent of candles from Jo Molone.. must I say, my favorite.

I walked in at 8:30am to a house that smelled like freshly brewed starbucks coffee and almond milk.. Through the kitchen into the living room/pre-production room was the model Katherin Schlegel sitting in a chair getting her eyelashes put on and her hair cut by make-up artist Christin Cook.. Katherin, a Senior at MTSU sat with shorts on and a button down shirt trying to be patient as her eyelashes were being attached… She seemed sweet but very quiet.

Libby taught me a trick.. SHHH. Basically we used all these gorgeous shoes for this shoot and tapped the bottom so there was absolutely no damage what so ever… what a great little trick! Ah?

Libby took me around her house showing me all her special pieces and finds from around the world, we talked about Paris and the upcoming shoot. The shoot was at the Frisk center for the upcoming event The Golden Age of Couture… We were taking about 6 pieces and turning them into 4 elements consisting of different pieces that are going to be in the exhibition.. The pieces were amazing… Dresses from Gus Myer, Jamies, Perfect Pair, H. Audrey, Betsey Johnson, Posh, and Cotton Mill.. This editorial piece was for HER magazine June spread.

Pieces like:

  • Maydid Cisneros Mayas Dress
  • Gun Metal Carolina Amato Leather Gloves
  • Larrvin, Black Sandal
  • Estevez for Greaelle Dress
  • Black Vintage Tophat
  • Black Helmet Lang Mesh Insert Residue Blaze

The photographer was fantastic…Kristin Barlowe the photographer was beyond brilliant, she had such a great vibe to her, she knew exactly what she was looking for.

All and all we had a brilliant time.

Here are some photos that I captured.

After the shoot was over and it was a wrap, I got everything organized and the merchandise hung up and jewelry bagged up… I then started my venture back to the venders to do the returns…. First to James, then to Posh, H. Audrey and worked my way back to Franklin… It all ended around 6PM.

So, pick up a copy of HER magazine this June!!!



May 6, 2010

When I first had my  inital meeting with Libby we discussed what the internship would be over and what kind of events would be happening during the events. Well, come to find out, one of the major events happening in June was the Golden Age of Couture exhabition and it was going to be in Nashville. I was so pumped. I had been to the Golden Age of Courture in London at the V&A and now it was going to be at the Frisk.. What excitment filled my body..

So Libby and I started plotting… Who, red carpet, which people, and even of course what to wear!

We had a meeting with the PR ladies of the Frisk.. which takes me to the below paragraph:

Thursday was a really exciting and helpful day. I met Libby at the Frisk around 10am for  a meeting with Ellen Pryor and Emily Beard (PR people of the Frisk) to discuss a very exciting VIP event on June 17, 2010 and then an amazing Fashion Courture exabition to follow.

Let me tell you, if you have a love for Fashion your going to be stoked for this exhabition!

It’s amazing, let me tell you.

The exhibition celebrates an important decade in fashion history that began with the launch of Christian Dior’s famous New Look in 1947 and ended with his death in 1957. The romantic postwar silhouette pioneered by Dior scandalized and delighted the public, and ushered in a period of remarkable creativity. Dior himself called it a “golden age” for haute couture. He and his contemporaries set a standard for impeccable workmanship and design that has rarely been surpassed since.

In addition to Dior, the exhibition highlights the work of such luminary Paris designers as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy and Pierre Balmain and celebrated London designers including Hardy Amies, Charles Creed and Norman Hartnell. Included are examples of daywear, cocktail dresses and evening gowns designed for royalty and aristocracy. Photographs by Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn show how images in fashion magazines enhanced the prestige of couture, while also making its innovative ideas widely known and accessible in America as well as Europe.

Must go… but be excited.

And remember at the Frisk students get in free on Thursday and Fridays!

Week One.

April 23- May 2, 2010

I recieved an email from Libby aproximpetly around 10am saying that the photoshoot with Bob and Clint Mottaf (twin brothers being styled by Libby for their promo shots) was at Acceleration Films Studios off of 2nd Ave, this location was for styling and pre-production only. We had the back room of the studio (a nifty little area actually) filled with boxes from Urban Outfitters and bags full of jeans and accerories from Lucky Brand & J-Crew… Most everything actually ended up being returned that day. After meeting the crew and having a conversation with Libby we decided that I was going to start the afternoon with “returns” and when I say returns I mean boxes full of T-shirts, Jeans, shoes, hats, and belts… I honestly think the person at Urban had a heart attack..

Hours later, the merchandise was returned and I then returned back to the studios to find Bob and Clint having their make-up and hair done by Lorena Lopez. A few hours later, they were styled and ready to hit the very hot outside for the photoshoot done by Amanda Van Sandt.

Unforturnetly, I was loaded by more returns and ended up not going to the photoshoot in Lewisburg at the Drive- In Theater.

After most of the returns were done besides a few, I went to Libbys vintage boutique which was so amazing and dropped off a few items from the returns.. Receipts, Amex, folder, and a pretty red purse. Libbys boutique is in East Nashville in a little store on the corner, called Frannys.

I didn’t see Libby for a few weeks as she went away to celebrate her Birthday in Paris, France. She arrived back on May 3rd, 2010.

More Later.